[01.04.14] Reggae Party @ Coco Loco, Goa

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Good times people! The season is passing and we want to have a good party before we go homes. That's why we've selected the best reggae, jungle and dubstep enthusiasts of GOA SEASON 13-14 on this party in Coco Loco, Arambol, Goa!
Don't be late and come by 7pm to catch all the vibes! Bring horns and flamethrowers)

Check our line up and watch the videos:


Live electronic band plays versatile styles like  jungle, dub, techno, trance, chill, breaks and psy in rare improvisation technique, combining avant-garde digital tunes with ethnic and classic instruments and lovely vocals or powerful ragamuffin. It is the unique journey between matter and energy where different epochs, manners and music principles are crossing and people counteract directly with musicians and each other sharing energies to create an original incomparable music.
Flute, keyboard, pads, ragamuffin, violin, strings, sitar, drums.
100% Fullpower!

Craig R. Ninjah

Spiritual MC that brings universal wisdom into reggae music (UK)

NZ Selector

Reggae Shaman (Ru)

Mista Hagen

Dancehall Surfer who will show you the wave (Ru)

Papa Layan

Riding the riddims Raggamuffin MC (Ru)

J Rokka

Versatile electronic music producer (UK)

Da Weed

This Reggae surfer is loved by all the Arambol girls (FR)

Venue — Coco Loco, Arambol, Goa

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